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photo-pharmacist State of Louisiana

Tropical Storm / Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura arrived in Louisiana in the last week of August 2020 and caused significant damage across the entire state.  We have provided information here designed to assist pharmacies and pharmacists.


2020-0920 ~ 124-JBE-2020: Renewal of State of Emergency & Extension of Emergency Provisions for Hurricane Laura

2020-0821 ~ 108-JBE-2020: State of Emergency - Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Depression 14

Guidance Documents

2020-0901 ~ Guidance for Marijuana Pharmacies re recommendations for therapeutic marijuana

2020-0831 ~ Dispensing of Emergency Prescriptions / Integrity of Medication Stock in Pharmacies Directly Impacted by Hurricanes / Reporting of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances / Disposal of Compromised Medications in Pharmacies Affected by Hurricanes

Temporary Credentials for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians licensed elsewhere but not in Louisiana who wish to practice as part of a disaster relief effort within the State of Louisiana are eligible for expedited credentialing.  Interested persons should begin by obtaining an NABP Passport which reflects active and unrestricted credentials in one or more states.  Persons holding an NABP Passport should enter that data on the application form for a Louisiana Special Work Permit.  Forms for the Special Work Permit for a pharmacist and pharmacy technician are available here.  Please complete the appropriate application form and send it to the Board office.  No fee is required.  The Louisiana Special Work Permit is a virtual credential; no paper form exists, but it is verifiable at the Board's website.


For those pharmacies in need of a licensed medical waste transporter to dipose of contaminated medical waste, this list of licensed providers was provided by the La. Dept. of Environmental Quality.

For those pharmacies in need of a licensed hazardous waste transporter to dispose of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals, the La. Dept. of Environmental Quality maintains a searchable database of such providers on their website, which is updated daily.