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Declaratory Statements, Advisory Opinions, & Policy Statements

These statements have been adopted by the Board; the date posted is the date of its approval.

02-24-2021          Allowance for Virtual Competency Demonstration for Certification in Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

11-18-2020          Dispensing Prescriptions for Cannabidiol (Epidiolex®)

11-13-2019          Administration of Immunizations Without Medical Orders by Pharmacy Interns

11-13-2019          Addition of Flavoring Agents to Prescription Medications

08-14-2019          Reporting Changes in Pharmacy Employment

08-14-2019          Reporting Transactions in Marijuana Pharmacies

08-14-2019          Sale of CBD Oil Products in Marijuana Pharmacies

02-19-2019          Revised Guidance Information re Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil  (rescinded 08-14-2019)

02-19-2019          Electronic Prior Authorizations (Rule Interpretation)

11-14-2018           Guidance Information re Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil (revised 02-19-2019)

11-14-2018          Compounding of Drugs by Nurses

11-14-2018           Recordkeeping Requirements for Written Prescription Forms Received in Pharmacies by Facsimile or Electronic Images

11-14-2018          Joint Accreditation of Interprofessional Continuing Education Activity

08-23-2017          Transfer of Prescription Information Between Pharmacies

02-24-2016          Pharmacies & Independent Marketing Contractors

08-12-2015          Recording Patient Address on Controlled Substance Prescriptions

08-06-2014          Medication Therapy Management (MTM) in Pharmacy Practice

08-22-2012          Cognitive Services from Consultant Pharmacists Affiliated with Permitted Pharmacy

08-22-2012          Storage of Regulated Materials & Records in Regulated Environment External to Prescription Department

05-02-2012          Storage of Regulated Materials & Records in Un-Regulated Areas External to Prescription Department

05-05-2010          Dispensing Medications Pursuant to Standing Order During Public Health Emergencies

02-03-2010          Pharmacy Recordkeeping Requirements and Integrated Electronic Medical Record Systems

11-18-2009          Moderately Complex Laboraory Tests