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Laws & Rules

When the legislature passes laws affecting pharmacy or controlled substances, and when the Board promulgates new rules affecting pharmacy or controlled substances, they are posted here before any update to the Board's printed law book.  To open, search, or print any of these files, we highly recommend you obtain the most recent version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, free of charge, at www.adobe.com. To assist different types of clients looking for our laws and rules, we have posted the information in two separate methods on this page.
>   For those clients who are familiar with the material and know the section they wish to review, we present the separate chapters of laws and rules.  Chapters updated since the most recent printing of the law book will be noted in this section.
>   For those clients who prefer to review everything in a single electronic file, we present the link to that file at the bottom of this page.  Please note the printing date and be aware that more recent information may be available in the list of separate components.
>   For those clients who prefer to use printed reference materials, we still have printed versions of the law book available for purchase.  The product order form has additional information about this option.


Louisiana Revised Statutes (La. R.S.) These are the laws passed by the Louisiana Legislature.

>     Title 14 - Criminal Law         
               Chapter 1 - Criminal Code                   
                    Part III - Offenses Against Property                        
                         §62.1 - Simple burglary of a pharmacy                   
                    Part VI - Offenses Against the Public Generally                        
                         §102.25 - Unlawfully supplying any product for the purpose of falsifying a screening test

>     Title 37 - Professions and Occupations                                                                          
               Chapter 14 - Pharmacy Practice Act                                                      Revised 2017-0614
                    Part I -    General Provisions                                                            Revised 2015-0801
                    Part II -    Board of Pharmacy                                                           Revised 2015-0801
                    Part III -   Licensing, Registration, and Certification of Persons       Revised 2015-0801
                    Part IV -  Permit Requirements                                                        Revised 2016-0801
                    Part V -  Discipline                                                                           Revised 2015-0801
                    Part VI - Disclosure of Prescription Drug Price Information             New 2017-0614
               Chapter 59 - Licensure for Individuals with Military Training and Experience                   
                         §3650 - Licensure for individuals with military training and experience; licensure by endorsement for military spouses; temporary license; expedited process

>     Title 40 - Public Health and Safety                                                                                  
               Chapter 4 - Food and Drugs                                                              Revised 2017-0603                   
                         Part X - Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law       Revised 2017-0612                   
                         Part X-A - Prescription Monitoring Program                           Revised 2017-0614                   
                         Part X-B - Transactions in Drug-Related Objects Prohibited   Revised 2017-0603                   
                         Part X-C - Animal Euthanasia with Sodium Pentobarbital                   
                         Part X-D - Transactions Involving Proceeds from Controlled Dangerous Substances Activity                   
                         Part X-E - Therapeutic Use of Marijuana                                Revised 2016-0519                   
                         Part X-F - Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, and Phenylpropanolamine Monitoring Act         
               Chapter 5 - Miscellaneous Health Provisions                   
                         Part I - Venereal Diseases (Expedited Partner Therapy)                   
                         Part VII-A - Legend Drugs                   
                         Part LXXV - Louisiana Telehealth Access Act         
               Chapter 11 - State Department of Hospitals                   
                         Part XII-A - Pain Management Clinics        
               Chapter 12 - Health Care Cost Control
                         Part VIII - Pharmaceutical Cost Transparency                        New 2017-0801

Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) These are the rules promulgated by the Board of Pharmacy.

>     Title 46 - Professional and Occupational Standards                                                     
                         Part LIII - Pharmacists              
On occasion, the Board may determine it necessary to adopt an Emergency Rule with an immediate effective date while it goes through the routine rulemaking process.  In that event, those emergency rules will be posted here.                   
     > Effective 2017-0710: Emergency Rule - Delay of Accreditation Requirement for Pharmacy Technician Training Programs @ §905
               Chapter 01 - Introduction              
               Chapter 03 - Board Hearings              
               Chapter 05 - Pharmacists                                                                                               
               Chapter 07 - Pharmacy Interns              
               Chapter 09 - Pharmacy Technicians                           See Emergency Rule
               Chapter 11 - Pharmacies                                             Revised 2015-1020                           
               Chapter 12 - Automated Medication Systems             Revised 2015-0820
               Chapter 13 - Community Pharmacy              
               Chapter 15 - Hospital Pharmacy                                 Revised 2015-1020              
               Chapter 17 - Institutional Pharmacy                             
               Chapter 18 - Penal Pharmacy                                                                                         
               Chapter 19 - Nuclear Pharmacy              
               Chapter 21 - Charitable Pharmacy              
               Chapter 23 - Out-of-State Pharmacy                          Revised 2017-0120     
               Chapter 24 - Limited Service Providers                     Revised 2015-1020           
                         Subchapter E - Marijuana Pharmacy               New 2017-0820
               Chapter 25 - Prescriptions, Drugs, and Devices         Revised 2017-0520  
               Chapter 27 - Controlled Dangerous Substances        Revised 2017-0520   
               Chapter 29 - Prescription Monitoring Program          Revised 2015-0420                              
               Chapter 31 - Illegal Payments; Required Disclosures of Financial Interests              
               Chapter 33 - Severability  


Louisiana Board of Pharmacy Laws and Regulations

>   This link - Law Book Update No. 8, current through March 15, 2015 - opens the entire pharmacy law book in a single electronic file.  The size of the file is approximately 2.85 MB.  In the event you wish to print the file, there are 326 pages, of which 306 are numbered.  The pages without numbers are placeholders for the plastic tabs in the law book binder.  While there is no Index, there is a detailed Table of Contents.  In addition, the electronic file is searchable using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
>   For those subscribers to the printed version of the law book who wish to purchase a printed copy of the replacement pack [paper printed double-sided and hole-punched] from the Board, please send a completed order form along with payment of the $15.00 fee for that product.
>   Finally, Bulletin No. 15-01 contains a summary of the changes to the previous edition of the law book which was dated January 2014.